The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.
- Juliette Gordon Low
Hate Has No Home Here In Wayne

Yes, this happened in our town:

Racially Charged letter in Packanack Lake

Three members of our Town Council, who are also members of Packanack and were present at that March 27 community meeting,  chose to be silent that evening. They had an opportunity to be heard by hundreds in our community.  Instead,  they let the Mayor stand alone to address this, and waited until the April 3 Town Council meeting, where only a handful of people were present, to do the right thing.

Here’s what I said at that Council Meeting -->

Sustainability / Environment and
Quality of Life, a Win-Win for Wayne

Smart choices today can ensure a brighter, healthier future.

NJ Spotlight article


Incentives can encourage Wayne businesses to be more green. We can recognize these businesses at town council meetings, and create a listing on our township website of businesses that are increasing their sustainability!


Wayne Schools have achieved Bronze certification from Sustainable NJ. As a result, Our schools have qualified for several grants. Green Initiatives Files Patch article

Wayne Township is not bronze certified, so  we’re losing out on grants that would increase our sustainability and quality of life-- it’s time to move forward on this!

Sustainable NJ Grant programs

NJ DEP EV Charging Grants Program

NJ DEP grant and loan programs

Code of Conduct

Those who hold public office should lead by example and model appropriate behavior at all times. editorial
I propose that the Wayne Town Council establish a Code of Conduct Committee, and include public input to create a set of guidelines for our elected officials.

Get $$$ out of Politics

Money in politics is drowning out the voices of the People.

RepresentUs video on money in Politics

NJ towns are taking action to stop it

Cranbury Committee passes anti-corruption resolution

Ewing becomes second town to pass anti-corruption resolution

Hopewell passes anti-corruption, transparency resolution

It’s time for Wayne to support the American Anti-Corruption Act.

The American Anti-Corruption Act


Strong, well-funded public schools are one of the best investments we can make now to ensure our children’s future, and to maintain our property values.
Under our previous Governor, Wayne Schools were underfunded by thousands of dollars per student: article.  Ward 2 Councilman Sadowski complained a lot about it— but he never went down to Trenton to advocate for us. 

Governor Murphy's proposed budget will increase funding to the Wayne schools

As Ward 2 Trustee, I’ll work with County and State officials, and fight to ensure Wayne Schools and other vital township programs get funded!