Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer,
      but the right answer.
- John F. Kennedy
Listening and Communication are Vital

How can you represent people when you’ve never met them, or listened to what they have to say? Our current town councilman has been our Ward 2 Representative since 2008. A few months ago, he finally held his first town hall for Ward 2 residents.
When I asked our Councilman, at that town hall, why he’d waited so long to do this, he replied that he probably should have done it before.
I’m a teacher— I know listening and communication are vital.  So you won’t have to wait a decade to meet with me, and to tell me what’s on your mind! I commit to 2 town hall meetings a year — and to listening to and communicating with you — as soon as I become your Ward 2 Rep!

Green Infrastructure

In May, the Town Council introduced a resolution to petition the NJDEP to reduce local water levels to avoid or alleviate the threat of flooding. At that meeting, I asked the Town Council if they were taking action, as other municipalities are, to protect Wayne through green infrastructure projects (rain gardens, replacing impermeable surfaces with permeable ones,   

I'm still waiting for an answer.